Our Values

Performance counts

Client and agency success, satisfaction, and rewards depend on quality work and big ideas that are executed well in every detail. Creating results that matter to you is why we are here.

Process is important.

We ask first to understand, then to be understood.
We demonstrate creativity and strategic thinking whenever possible;
We earn and grow our reputations as superior media sources;
We monitor the media and the reporters that cover your business;
We strive to communicate with polish, authenticity, and accuracy at all times;
We take genuine interest in your business;
We take initiative and anticipate opportunities; and
We work with impact, efficiency, focus, and commitment to excel.

Value matters.

We treat your time and money as if they were our own. If we can provide a quality effort and result for you with fewer dollars and resources, we will

No secrets.

We'll show you how we enlist the interest of the media to tell your story. The more you know, the more you'll see the value in what we do.

Work should be fun.

Collaborative, cooperative, and enjoyable relationships among clients, colleagues, media representatives, and staff are the foundation for winning results and productive and lasting partnerships.

"Have fun. Make money. One without the other isn't good enough."
-- Anonymous



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