Every minute and dollar I have ever invested in Joan Stewart's Publicity Hound information has paid back ten-fold in results that matter to my clients and to me. The Publicity Hound (http://www.publicityhound.com) ezine is a must-have resource for any success and publicity-seeking business owner who wants to realize extraordinary results on a limited budget. Every Tuesday, the Publicity Hound ezine arrives in my email box, offering immediately actionable ideas and resources to take my media relations efforts to new heights on behalf of all of my clients and my own Media-Savvy-to-Go products division. I count on the Publicity Hound to give me access to the latest and greatest experts, resources, and insights so my clients can enjoy greater awareness in the right media outlets and heightened sales at prices that make great business sense. If you are serious about taking your business into the media spotlight on a limited budget, the free Publicity Hound ezine is for you. Be sure to check out all of Joan Stewart's information products for the answers to your most pressing media relations challenges now. The money you spend will likely be the best money you spend to escalate awareness, grow your reputation, and advance your business.

Suzanne Falter-Barns' 269-page workbook is a comprehensive resource to help you get known now. My copy is well-worn, marked with a highlighter, and has served as the source for many great ideas and resource connections that have helped me catapult my clients into the media spotlight.
Promote and Market Your Business With Booklets

Paulette Ensign is known as the "Booklet Queen" for good reason. She is the go-to source for all things booklets, and she can help you package your knowledge into a useful booklet that you can sell to others to spread your expertise far and wide.

PR LEADS puts you in touch with reporters for major publications who need to quote experts like you. PR LEADS receives approximately 100 requests a day from reporters who desperately need to find experts to quote in their stories. PR LEADS gives you their names and email addresses and their story angles so you can contact them. How cool is that?

Pitch a producer in 20 seconds. Gain a producer's interest in one paragraph. Avoid sending lengthy press kits. The shorter the better. Find out how in "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: 10 Steps to Becoming a Guest on the World's Top Talk Show." These tips and more can be used for any top talk show. You'll find out how the pros get their calls taken and their clients booked at the most prestigious shows.

It's a pleasure to recommend Affirmagy and the personal affirmation blankets (Affirmawraps) company founder Kristen Marie Schuerlein is sharing with people across the nation and the world. Invite more abundance, love, joy, strength, and courage into your life by wrapping yourself up in the power of positive affirmations every day. I've got abundance and joy spread throughout my home and office, and plenty of both are flowing. I think this is the law of attraction at work. Visit the site today to see the full line of vibrant, warm, and cozy blankets in fleece or cotton, and consider who you can honor with thoughtful, affordable, and lasting gifts like these.

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