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What are Your Top Three, High Return Lead Generation Methods?

Lisa Nirell of posed five focused questions to energize growth during a recent presentation at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast.  The one that captured my interest most was this one:

What are your top three, high-return lead generation methods?  And how consistently do you use them?

I invite you to ponder this question carefully as you consider how to make 2007 your best year ever.

If you'd like to learn more questions to help you energize growth for your company, visit

Are you working way too hard to grow your business, and getting few positive results?  Lisa can help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to go.  Lisa is a dynamic speaker for your next professional group meeting of offsite retreat. Call Lisa Nirell at 541-593-8787 for more details.   

Holiday Gift Idea from Media-Savvy-to-Go

Are you looking for an affordable holiday gift to share with your clients?  How about a gift idea that won’t expand everyone’s collective waist that also offers proven publicity tips your clients can use to build business and profit in the New Year? 

Consider the Media-Savvy-to-Go publicity tips booklets that offer 147 powerful ways to build business and profit from free publicity for just $10. 

These are high-value, quick-to-read gift ideas that fit nicely within a holiday stocking or a #10 business envelope.  And your success-seeking clients and business associates will use the proven tips all year long to their reputation-building advantage.

97 Powerful Ways to Profit from Free Publicity shows you how to identify, target, prepare, and share your story and how to become a published author fast.

50 Powerful Publicity Boosters to Build Your Business shows you how to employ ezines, award contests, seminars, and "Jumbo Shrimp Marketing" into the media relations mix to achieve extraordinary results.

National publicity experts and business owners alike are raving about the Media-Savvy-to-Go tips booklets:

“Don’t spend any more time or money on your publicity campaign until you read these booklets. When it comes to forming strong relations with the print, broadcast and online media, Nancy Juetten clearly understands that getting publicity is all about building relationships with the media, and Publicity Hounds everywhere need to read her tips. These booklets are a fabulous crash course on how to be media-savvy.”

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

"Solid, sound advice from writing an ezine to handling a media interview. Nancy Juetten's booklets give you a quick checklist of everything you need to know about doing a publicity campaign."

Susan Harrow, Media Coach, Marketing Strategist and Author of Promote Yourself without Selling Your Soul

"I LOVED reading these booklets. How inspiring and light, yet grounded and action-packed. It's like INSTANT MEDIA SAVVY in a #10 envelope!"

Michele Lisenbury Christensen,

There are so many ways that Media-Savvy-to-Go publicity tips booklets can be used to spread good news and business success in the New Year:

  • Stuff stockings
  • Share at the office gift exchange
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Share with clients as a “thank you” in their year-end invoice for services
  • Offer them as prizes on your Website
  • Give them away as sponsor premiums at the next golf tournament
  • Share as a bonus when people buy your products
  • Give them away at your next trade show
  • Share them with your top affiliates and business partners 

Everyone on your gift list will thank you for your Media-Savvy-to-Go gift.  Contact me at or 425-641-5214 to reserve your Media-Savvy-to-Go publicity tips booklets today.  At just $10 for both booklets, this is a high-value gift that will return meaningful rewards for everyone on your gift list this year.  You can also place your orders conveniently via the online shopping cart at

If you’ve got lots of people on your holiday list (250 or more), consider ordering customized versions with your logo on the front cover and your brand promises printed within.  Give me a call to chat about your customization requests.

Holiday shopping just got a little easier with Media-Savvy-to-Go.  I look forward to hearing from you and also invite you to share this message with others you know who would have interest.

Volume Number 19, 10-25-06

Tips to Make Your Puget Sound Business Journal Subscription Pay Off for Your Business

Dear RecipientFirstName,

Reading the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) is a great way to stay informed about the latest local business news.  Did you also know that this weekly business journal can also serve as a powerful tool to help you get known, build media buzz, enhance your credibility, and attract quality leads to your growing company? 


Here are my top 12 favorate ways to work with this award-winning and highly credible newspaper to draw attention to my clients and their winning ways.  I invite you to choose the top five ideas that make sense for your business and apply them consistently to achieve results that will matter to you and your growing business. 


1.    Promote your seminars, workshops, and special events in the "Business Calendar" section of the paper by making submissions to  Expand awareness, attract new event guests, and the registration fees that go with them.  Ask Ben Miller, the Small Business Bulletin columnist, to consider writing a profile about your expertise, your event, and why it matters to the local business community.  Send email to


2.    Promote your staff additions and promotions in the "Career Moves" section of the paper by making submissions to .  If you are a banker with a non-compete agreement who has just started with a new bank, this is a great way for your prior clients to quickly find you and get in touch.  If your business is growing, this is a way to keep your company and its people in the news in a favorable reference.


3.    Promote your award wins and corporate citizenship accomplishments in the "Giving Back" and "Accolade" sections of the paper. Make your submissions via  These are two more ways to keep your company name and news in a favorable reference.


 4.    Ask to see the 2007 editorial calendar.  I've got an electronic file on hand, so send your request to me at, and I'll send it right over.  Identify special sections that are coming up to which you can contribute your expertise, perspectives, or commentary.  Ask the special sections editor for an article assignment and bring your expertise to all the readers with impact and efficiency.   Consider buying advertising within the special sections that are a good match for your business and expertise to leverage that effort.  And don't forget to buy a professional reprint of the article to lend impact to your marketing collateral package.


5.    Watch for recognition programs that can shine a light on your company's winning ways. These are often identified in the editorial calendar so you can plan accordingly.  The 40 Under 40, the Women of Influence, the Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year, the Fastest Growing Public and Private Companies, the Better Business Bureau Business of the Year Awards, and the Family Business of the Year awards are all prestigious competitions that are well supported by advertising and editorial commentary.  Winning such contests is a great way to build your brand and reputation and attract quality leads for your growing business.


6.    If you or someone within your company has a remarkable passion outside of work, invite one of the PSBJ reporters who writes regularly about your industry to prepare a "Passions" feature about that endeavor.  It could very well serve as a favorable reflection on your business and attract new leads to your door.  The email addresses of the reporters appear at the close of every story, so choose the address of the reporter who writes about your industry. 


7.    If you hear something remarkable, interesting, or noteworthy about the local business community, share that with George Erb, who edits the "Heard and Overheard" section of the newspaper.  His email is


8.    Want to sound off about a controversial issue or cause important to the community?  Write a letter to the editor.  It just might deliver the ink and do some good for you and the issue at hand.  Send your email to


9.    If your cause or charity has just had a major event that accomplished good work in the community, send a photo for Scene consideration at, along with a caption that identifies the people, the cause, and the impact. 


10.    If you've got breaking news to share, connect with the PSBJ reporter who covers your industry.  Bring the news to him or her first before other local papers, and you just might score a big story that shines a light on your news and why it matters to the local business community.


11.    Read up about your competition.  Use what you learn to improve your own business.


12.    Use the "Book of Lists" to target winning prospects for your own direct selling efforts.


These are just tip-of-the-iceberg ways you can make your time reading the PSBJ pay off for your growing business.   Thanks to the PSBJ for the opportunity to share these tips with the guests of their 10-24 BizMix Event.  These notes are shared as a courtesy for those who weren't able to attend or who couldn't take notes fast enough. 


If you are not yet a subscriber, what are you waiting for?  Call 206-447-8501 ext. 1 today or subscribe online at


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