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"Stop trying to make the sale for yourself and think about how you can serve others. We have evidence of thousands of people who are manifesting absurd and ridiculous results that you cannot excuse as accidental by following our principles.”


-- Matthew Ferry

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Volume Number 30, May 16, 2007

Why Getting the Word Out One-to-One and One-to-Many Matters

Dear RecipientFirstName,

The businesses that earn winning headlines and broadcast air are those that offer the right hook or angle to invite interest and serve those who pay attention to the news.  A big part of that is making a connection and telling a story that resonates with the editors and reporters who serve as the gatekeepers to much broader audiences.


Approach your story by making clear why it is timely, newsworthy, relevant, trend worthy, and local.  When the reason the readers and viewers should care is center stage, you are in an even better position to earn the coverage you seek.  A good story is one that touches your heart, kicks you in the stomach, makes you think, hits you over the head or squarely between the eyes, or kicks you in the behind and into action in some way.  To bring these ideas to life, consider how a few local companies earned publicity by sharing compelling and timely story hooks.


  • Darwin’s Natural Pet Products ( is a Seattle-based manufacturer that offers convenient home delivery of its pet foods made from free range meats and organic vegetables.  When the national pet food recall became big news in April, Darwin’s had a story to tell. This company jumped on the timely nature of the news to offer resources and information to help pet lovers make safe and nutritious choices during a troubling time.  In doing so, it earned a front page story in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, a feature story in the Puget Sound Business Journal, a radio interview on 1150 AM radio, and a KING TV broadcast feature.  For Darwin’s, the opportunity couldn’t have been better to share its “adding life to pet’s years and years to pet’s lives” message.  Best of all, new customer counts grew four-fold in the weeks following the national pet food recall, and the trend continues. 
  • Affirmagy ( is a Seattle-based company that makes personal affirmation blankets that celebrate big ideas such as abundance, courage, strength, and love.   Given the popularity of “The Secret” and the media messages resonating nationally about the power of intentional living, Affirmagy’s goal to change the world one Affirmawrap at a time is a big idea at the right time.  This company has aligned itself with major non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life events to make it easy for everyone to give to this cause as they purchase the company’s products.  The company is making good on its intentions to change the world through the power of affirmations.  And, from a media relations standpoint, this company has a story to tell.  The Puget Sound Business Journal wrote a feature about how start-ups are embracing cause-related marketing as a means of building brand ambassadors and inviting contributions to worthy causes, and Affirmagy was at the center of that story. 
  • Olympic Hot Tub Company’s ( co-owner Alice Cunningham has grown her company over the last 30 years by making it easy for customers to take it easy.  She has also adopted a customer service philosophy of making it easy for consumers to buy, own, and refer her products.  This has resulted in a powerful army of satisfied customers who are delighted to refer her company and products.  Many business journals seek out useful “how to” features from local experts to guide their readers to achieve more success.   Cunningham’s customer service philosophy has served as the foundation for article placements in several local newspapers and Internet article directories.  As a result, she has earned local speaking engagements to inspire others to follow her lead.  Her one-to-one messages about doing business and serving others have carried forward to much wider audiences, reinforcing her reputation as a successful business veteran who offers credible advice. 

Take a moment to consider how you share your story one-to-one at the local networking event or one-to-many through your own speaking and media relations efforts.  Do you offer a statement of fact about what you sell or the service you provide? Or, do you offer a statement that actually invites more conversation by hitting a nerve, scratching an itch, or relieving universal pain?


Here are a few examples that get to the heart of the matter with impact:


  • I help you find the courage to take chances and make changes in your business and your life.– Amanda Murphy, 
  • I am a retirement guru.  I guide you to an abundant retirement with control, confidence and ease. – Steve Juetten, CFP®
  •  I am a real estate developer and investor who makes the cosmopolitan lifestyle affordable for Seattle’s first time home buyer.  I am also a mentor and coach with intentions to inspire a billion people to live bold lives of contribution. – Thach Nguyen

What these powerful statements share in common is that they go beyond the self centered notions of providing food, clothing, and shelter for each business owner.  Not one of them asks you to buy a widget or engage a service.  In fact, they are bold, selfless declarations that intend greater good.  Immediately you want to know more and find out how you can engage and benefit.  Consider this as you ponder how to tell your own story to whomever will listen as an elevator speech, a speaking topic, or a story for the media.  Be prepared to tell your story one-to-one or one-to-many in a way that invites conversations and new relationships to propel your business forward.


And, if you’d like to learn more about being of contribution, growing your business, and building a powerful community of like-minded people to advance your success and satisfaction in life and work, consider attending the “Mental Journey to Millions” event ( at the Seattle Westin June 22-24, 2007.  Thach Nguyen will be among the presenters to share his American success story of accomplishment and contribution and his commitment to be of service to inspire your journey.


Clients on the Local Speaker Circuit


Olympic Hot Tub Company's Alice Cunningham 

May 17, 2007

eWomenNetwork - Greater Seattle Chapter

Why Making Products Easy to Buy, Easy to Own, and Easy to Refer is a Winning Business Strategy

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July 18

Fremont Chamber of Commerce Lunch Meeting

Why Making Products Easy to Buy, Easy to Own, and Easy to Refer is a Winning Business Strategy

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Delicious Planet’s CEO and Founder Randi Carter 

May 24, 2007

Women Business Owners

How to Turn Your Passion and Purpose into Profit

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June 1, 2007

How to Turn Your Passion and Purpose into Profit

NSCC Network Breakfast

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June 21, 2007

How to Turn Your Passion and Purpose into Profit

eWomenNetwork Luncheon


Christie Mueller, New York Life

July 19, 2007

I Can Do Anything: Don't Look Back or

You'll Never Move Ahead! 

eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Luncheon

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Nancy S. Juetten, Media-Savvy-to-Go

June 14, 2007 - Womens Business Exchange Breakfast

Getting the Word Out One-to-One and One-to-Many:

The Ticket to Doing More of What You Love

Womens Business Exchange

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