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June 25, 2007
Dear Nancy,

It's Summertime --- and the Publicity Tips are Powerful, Productive & Well Priced

Buy our most popular Media-Savvy-to-Go Toolkit - including two tips booklets and the 60-page companion workbook - for a summer sizzlin' special low price in celebration of the first anniversary of bringing this product to market. The tips booklets provide 147 powerful ways to build your business and profit from free publicity.  The workbook offers worksheets, pitch letter examples, and press release examples to make it easy for you to get into action to enjoy powerful publicity results in short order without spinning your wheels or spending a fortune.  In combination, these information products pack a powerful punch as you earn the media results you seek.  Just get in, get out, and get on with your own winning publicity campaign without overwhelm or aggravation.
Here is what you get:
Vol. 1 - 97 Powerful Ways to Profit from Free Publicity Tips Booklet
Media-Savvy-to-Go Vol. 1, shows you how to identify, target, prepare, and share your story and how to become a published author fast.

Vol. 2 - 50 Powerful Publicity Boosters to Build Your Business Tips Booklet
Media-Savvy-to-Go Vol 2, shows you how to employ ezines, award contests, seminars, and "Jumbo Shrimp Marketing" into the media relations mix to achieve extraordinary results.

60-Page Companion Workbook
With this easy-to-use and resource-rich workbook at hand, you can benefit from media relations worksheets and articles to help make the most of every initiative. Strengthen your story pitches and press releases by using proven examples as your guide. Learn about valuable Web links and useful resources to you take your story far and wide.   And -- best of all -- avoid overwhelm because you can breeze through the content quickly and to learn exactly what you need to get into action right away.

Join with over 1,500 do-it-yourself publicists from across the nation and the world who have scooped up the powerful tips and tools to earn "ink and air" in their own backyards and beyond.   The regular price for the printed toolkit is $79, so this summer sale offers a sizzlin' value.  Isn't it time to get seen, heard and celebrated in your own backyard and beyond ?  Order your Media-Savvy-to-Go Toolkit today.  Click here to take advantage of this summer special that will position your business to earn media recognition to catapult your business to the next level of awareness and success.

Media Savvy to Go Trio

Leveraging Ink for Success

Has your company received mention in a local, regional or national publication in the past year?
If so, congratulations! Many of us love the thrill of being seen, heard, and celebrated in the media, and then
we move on to other more pressing things. While media coverage can serve as a quick hit to drive sales, consider
these three tips to leverage that media long after the glow has faded.

1. Send reprints to top accounts, top customers, and potential new team members. People love to
be part of a winning team. Best of all, sharing ink is an easy way to build credibility and inspire new

2. Post on your online press room. Don't have one? Get one.  Need one? Get in touch via
and I'll make it easy for you to see the value and create one for yourself.

3. Circle back with that reporter in 6 - 12 months and offer an update on your progress since the
first story broke.   Journalists appreciate the connection and the opportunity to tell your story again
with a new twist.

Speaking of Leveraging Ink for Success ...

Alice Cunningham, co-owner of
Olympic Hot Tub Company, is sure enjoying media momentum by sharing her "easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to refer" philosophy.  Visit this link to hear her recent radio interview and benefit from her sage advice.  Her tips are golden for business owners of every type and scope.

I had the good fortune to support the success of Thach Nguyen and Matthew Ferry, co-presenters for the
Mental Journey to Millions event that took place June 22-24, 2007 at the Seattle Westin.   What a thrill to represent and learn from world class trainers who are committed to helping others live bold lives of contribution.  Through an aggressive schedule of speaking engagements, radio interviews, and print story placements, we attracted over 900 guests to the three-day event and built a powerful community of advocates, followers, leaders, and believers.    Ferry and Nguyen said that their prior events attracted 220 and 503 people, respectively   Clearly, the combination of collective efforts delivered the right people to the event, and the testimonials are still flowing in.  Stories in the Northwest Asian Weekly, the Puget Sound Business Journal, the Eastside Business Journal,  and the Madison Park Times PLUS radio interviews on the Dr. Pat Show, the Chat with Women Show, Women's Radio, and the Paul Casey "Small Business Innovators" Radio Show helped to spread the news and build the buzz so future events here and beyond can have even bolder impact.   

Ever Get Stuck on How to Make the Right Decision?

My good friend Kristen Marie Schuerlein, founder and chief visionary at Affirmagy shared a powerful way to make hard choices with greater ease.  She said, "Ask about the impact this decision will have on your life in the next 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years. If what you are doing is providing a disproportionate reward for the aggravation, it's time to make a different choice. When making tough choices, the real test for me was to look out 10 years and imagine the ramifications of doing or not doing something. Do that, and the answer to life's questions will be very clear."

That is powerful food for thought as we enjoy the dog days of summer and ponder what remarkable possibilities are waiting for us all.


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