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"A good reminder is better than paying too much."

-- Anonymous

Ezines Should Tell and Not Sell

I couldn't agree more.  But when you have the chance to buy such a remarkable bundle of products for such a fabulous price, the message bears repeating.

I promise. Future ezines will go back to the 80% sharing and 20% selling recipe.  This offer was just too good not to share and reinforce.

Volume Number 24 - January 10, 2007

One more day to get the most for the least in the mega publicity sale

Dear RecipientFirstName,

If you're pondering whether the Publicity and Marketing Megasale has information that's really useful to you, stop pondering and do something about it today before the goes up on Thursday and the whole thing completely goes away at the end of Friday.

The offer captured the attention of a lot of subscribers who jumped on it right away.

Get literally dozens of popular, high quality publicity and marketing materials in a range of formats for a frac.tion of the cost from the best marketing publicity professionals in the business.

You'll get products that cover everything from "Get in 0, The Oprah Magazine" to "How to Transform Your Press Releases from So-So to Sizzling", to marketing with audio, video, radio, and television, to becoming an inspiring speaker, to making your website a magnet for the press and consumers, to jumpstarting your PR campaign for the year. Hurry. The pri~ce goes up January 11th and the event ends January 12th.


Britney Spears will get two weeks of fame from getting her privates caught on camera.  Is this the best form of "exposure"?

Not!" says Susan Harrow. "That kind of fame is free, but most people don't want publicity for baring their wares or their souls". Harrow, a kind of Mother Theresa of PR, is giving authors, entrepreneurs, small business people, and whams another route -- one they can understand and afford.  She's partnered with more than 20 of the best publicity and marketing minds in the business to offer $3400 worth or products and programs for a fraction of their cost. She's kicking off this venture with the E-book Get Into O Magazine: Ten steps to getting you, your book, product, service or cause into Oprah's magazine.

"No matter how smart people are, understanding publicity seems to be like doing a Rubik's Cube. People want to promote themselves but don't know how," Harrow says. "This package is the equivalent of getting a Ph.D in PR." To get free publicity products and programs and more go here:   
Harrow recognized that most small businesses, non-profits and authors also can't afford high-priced publicists. Nor do they have expertise in-house to successfully approach a magazine such as O. So Harrow interviewed publicity experts and people whose products, book, service or cause had been successful at getting into O, The Oprah Magazine. With that knowledge and over 17 years of public relations and marketing experience, Harrow wrote the e-book, Get Into 0 Magazine.
What people need is free publicity -- and the kind of quality PR that a placement in O, The Oprah Magazine provides -- which can be as profitable as getting on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Getting on Oprah or into O is not easy, Harrow admits. But it can be done. "And the results can be phenomenal. One of the people I interviewed compared placement in O to getting an Academy Award. Appearing in O, The Oprah Magazine put many of them on the map," Harrow notes.
Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, branding expert and author of Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins), and CEO of is releasing the 136 page O E-book as the kickoff product for this venture.  1/8/07 through 1/12/07 only at:

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