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-- Kristen Marie Schuerlein


Seattle Business Monthly Link to eWomenNetwork Feature

Lots of ezine subscribers were eager to read the story about the best places to network, featuring Zita Gustin of eWomenNetwork. At long last, the link is now "live" and you can read more here:  

Asking Pays Off.  

In my December ezine, I mentioned that I was looking for one new full-service client to add to my roster.  I am happy to report that Delicious Planet has signed on.

Delicious Planet is an organic meal delivery service that brings chef-prepared, organic meals to your door.  Visit the Website at to learn about this amazing service that is good for you in so many ways.  And, be sure to inquire about the company's very popular and timely detox program that gives you a vacation from the typical American diet.  The program launches on January 12.  Check out the menus at this link:

Get in touch to start your detox program or begin regular organic meal delivery service today.

Watch for a Seattle Post-Intelligencer retail profile in the business section this month to learn more.

It just goes to show that if you have the courage to ask for what you want, you just might get what you ask for. Try this in your own life and see what abundance flows your way!

Check out Nancy's Newly Updated Website

All new copy and a powerful new message debut to showcase what we do to earn our clients' delight. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Volume Number 23 - January 8, 2007

Want to Get in O Magazine? 

Want dozens of popular, high quality publicity & marketing materials for a frac.tion of the cost from the best marketing publicity professionals in the business?

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Dear Nancy,

If you could own dozens of popular publicity and marketing courses and products at just a *fraction* of the cost, you would, wouldn't you?


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Here are the details:


- Susan Harrow shows you how to get in 0, The Oprah Magazine.*

- Lisa Earle Mcleod tells you how you can book yourself on national TV.

- Lisa Daily shares with you how to book yourself year round on the radio.

- Marcia Yudkin transforms so-so press releases to sizzling--see how it's done.

- Marcia Wieder shows you how to be an inspiring speaker and also takes you inside her "My Dream Circle" private coaching club, where you have access to teleclasses, tools, and books and experience working with Dream Coaches worldwide.

- Joan Stewart teaches you ways to get thousands of dollars in fr.e.e publicity.

- Raleigh Pinskey gives you an advanced course in ways to market your message to the media and others.

- Drew Gerber and Michelle Tennant tell you how to plan your entire publicity campaign like professional publicists do for their clients.

- Robert Middleton will help you become an info guru to draw clients, customers and business to you with ease.


...and that's just a bit of what you'll have access to.  I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in such distinguished company to share my Media-Savvy-to-Go publicity tips booklets and workbook within this powerful bundle (  Now you can benefit from these products and so much more. 


You'll get products that cover everything

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*   If you had a step-by-step process that taught you how to get in 0 Magazine you'd want it, right?


Susan Harrow has interviewed publicists who regularly get their clients featured in 0 and people like you who have done it themselves. Some of their results:


"The O feature got us into over 100 retail outlets,"
says Denise Loren of, whose company makes DVDs for dogs, which increased her business by 75%. 
With no money spent on advertising they made $100,000 in retail/wholesale dollars last year. "The impact for the company once we were in O was that it legitimized us. And that's important for a one-product company."


Jeanne Fitzmaurice of a website that allows users to create her (or a friend's) virtual likeness and produce it on personalized stationery and gift items says, "Our team was fulfilling 500 to 600 orders a day during that month of May versus the usual 100 per day." She calculated that sales went up by about 60% in that thirty-day period. Her registered website users soared from 70,000 to 150,000 women.


Genevieve Piturro who founded the pajama project, a charity to give new pjs to poor kids went from 5 chapters to 30 and growing. She got 9000 new pjs donated and a donation of $5000.


Stephen Shapiro, author of Goal-Free Living: "How to Have the Life You Want NOW!," says that his article helped springboard him into Entrepreneur, Investors Business Daily, Family Circle. His speaker bookings increased dramatically, he got listed as one of Tom Peters' "cool friends" and is in process of shooting a pilot for a TV show.


Author of "Yes Lives in the Land of No," BJ Gallagher says, "I'd been trying to get the attention of this high- powered agent forever. Just last month the top-notch agent signed me to an exclusive contract representing my next book. Did my O article make her more inclined to say 'yes'
to my book proposal? Undoubtedly.


The volume of Dr. Volgman's cardiology program at Rush University Medical Association expanded substantially. "O put the program on the map," says publicist Chris Rush.


Jeanine Fitzmaurice of Design-her Gals notes: "It's sort of like winning the Academy Award. It's definitely a distinction that validates your product like no other publication."


In addition to getting this 100+ page ebook you'll get popular products and programs from more than 20 marketing & publicity experts who have partnered to bring you intelligence that will get you publicity in every area from speaking and getting on national TV to getting buzz on the net to making your book a bestseller. January 8th-12th ONLY.
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P.S. Please pass this on to at least 5 friends, colleagues and associates or anyone you know who would like to promote themselves, their business or product, become a speaker or write a book. Thank you!

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Jump-Start Your PR Know-How and Results in Short Order,

Plus Tips on Blogging and Getting Oprah’s Attention

from Experts Who Know the Score


Susan Harrow and Joan Stewart contributed excellent tips about how to get on Oprah and how to blog to build your business.  If you missed it, click to this link to catch up and benefit from their excellent publicity tips and a few of my own: 



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