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August 27, 2007
Dear Nancy,

One Good Thing Can Lead to Another - Media Momentum is a Powerful Thing!


Congratulations to Alice Cunningham of Olympic Hot Tub Company ( for achieving the 30th anniversary of launching her business this month.   In June of 2006, Alice gave an inspiring talk at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast ( about the importance of making one's products and services easy to buy, own, and refer.  Little did she know that a talented freelance writer named David Volk would be among the guests in the audience.  Shortly thereafter, David had a conversation with the editor of a new spa industry trade magazine and suggested a feature about Alice and her company.  The editor agreed.


This month, Alice and her husband Blair Osborn are on the cover of the debut issue of  Spa Retailer Magazine just in time to honor their 30th business anniversary.  David Volk's story and the accompanying photos put Alice, Blair and Olympic Hot Tub Company in a fabulous light. The headline reads as follows: "$10 Million Woman: Why Alice Cunningham Left the U.S. Labor Department for the Spa Business."   That story should be live on the Web by September 5 at Spa Retailer Magazine.  Check it out.


To make things better, the Madison Park Times elected to write a similarly favorable story for the August 3 issue under this headline:  "Soaking in Success: Madrona Couple Enjoys Getting into Hot Water with Their Hot Tub Business."  Here is the link to make it easy for you to read all about it:


This goes to show that one speaking engagement very early in the morning can lead to even greater things ahead, including a cover story in your industry's latest glossy trade magazine and a prominent feature story in your hometown media.  Media momentum can be a powerful thing.

By the way, if you are ready to make your hot tub purchase, now is also a great time to act.  The Olympic Hot Tub anniversary sale is in progress, and you can enjoy huge savings on top selling models between now and Labor Day.  Alice Cunningham says your best business ideas come to you when you are relaxed, and that is all the more reason to visit her award-winning Website and learn all about the relaxation waiting for you in your own backyard.  Here is the link to make it easy to learn more:  Olympic Hot Tub Anniversary Savings.


When will you be speaking next, and who might be in the audience with the influence to take your story far and wide?  That is the question to ponder for today as you get into action to fuel your do-it-yourself publicity success. Keep in mind that many local Chamber of Commerce program directors are seeking quality speakers right now to round out their 2007/8 programming.  Connect with your hometown chamber now to see how your expertise can serve the members.  There may be a speaking engagement waiting that can position you as the go-to person in your field and bring new business opportunities to your door.

And, remember that many hometown media are making their 2008 editorial plans now. Request the editorial calendars for the publications to which your expertise can add value.  Then, you can pitch compelling article ideas that can lend perspective, serve the readers, and -- most importantly -- invite new business conversations to propel your business forward.


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September is going to be great.   Just make sure you acquire and use the tools you need to achieve the bold success that is possible for you and your growing business.  Your consistent actions will determine your publicity success.

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