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"Make your products easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to refer."

Alice Cunningham, Co-Owner

Olympic Hot Tub Company

  Do-It-Yourself Publicists Earn the Ink

"I completely owe our article placement success to you as you have provided us a wealth of information these past few years from which we have truly benefited.  Thanks for always being our advocate and for supporting what we do.  We are thrilled to be a part of what you do and look forward to this relationship growing!"

Mary Sult, Marketing Coordinator, Falco+Sult

"My conversations with Nancy Juetten have jump-started my own publicity efforts. In February, my photo and 'My First Job' story were featured in the Job Market section of the Sunday Seattle Times, generating phone calls and emails from top leaders in the Seattle financial services and automotive industries.  Specific language Nancy shared during our first conversation now serves as the starting point for radio interviews. Since I have posted this interview on our Website, they have generated quality leads and meaningful new business conversations with clients.  Nancy's insights, information, and energy pack a punch, and I highly recommend her and her Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit for anyone serious about building the buzz and growing to the next level."

Mike Seifert, Partner, GoMobile Advertising

Volume Number 27, April 2007


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Dear Nancy,

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With so many powerful ways to share the information and keep your name and contact information in front of customers, prospects, members and subscribers at all times, what are your waiting for?


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P.S. I've got another ezine coming shortly that is full of useful tips and resources to support your publicity success, so stay tuned to receive that within the next week.

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