Three Ways to Work Together

Retain Nancy's PR Services and Watch as Your Company's Story Comes Out of Obscurity and into the Media Spotlight in Short Order:

If you want your stories and award wins in the news on an ongoing basis, be among the few clients Nancy works with on a retainer basis. Invest $3,500 – $5,000 a month for this service, depending upon the scope of work to be accomplished during contract period of six months or longer. Clients rave about this service, and you can read more at this link:

Visit to learn more about public relations services, and get in touch to discuss your needs more fully.

Engage Nancy for a "Short Hop" Engagement for Your High Value Project
If you have immediate news to report and short-term projects to complete, consider a "short hop" engagement. This is the ideal choice for clients that require the skills of a well connected, efficient publicist and storyteller to tell those stories and earn the "ink and air."

Whether you need to pitch, place, and write a contributed article for the local or trade media, create a winning press kit that tells your story well and invites media interest, or complete an award application that will bring your company's winning ways into the media spotlight, Nancy has the experience, talent and track record to bring about winning results. Clients must be prepared to invest a minimum of $2,500 for each short hop engagement to earn a place on Nancy's busy schedule.

Need Do-It-Yourself Publicity Support, Advice, and Resources without a Big Investment?
Visit the Main Street Media Savvy Blog!
If you have a strong do-it-yourself bias and need a guiding hand from an expert, visit the Main Street Media Savvy blog to gain access to free resources, tips, and commentary and to purchase the Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit and other Media-Savvy-to-Go tools and resources.

The Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit includes two tips booklets that offer 147 powerful ways to build buzz, business, and profit from the impact and credibility of free publicity. It also includes a 60-page companion workbook that offers worksheets and press release and pitch letter examples that make it easy for you to get into action to earn the media results you seek, along with two CD's to share even more powerful information to support your do-it-yourself publicity success. With the Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit in hand, you are forever empowered to earn your own publicity without spinning your wheels, suffering overwhelm, or spending a fortune. Visit now.

No matter how you elect to engage, Nancy's commitment is to meet and exceed your expectations for results while creating an enjoyable, fruitful working relationship. Get in touch today. 425-641-5214 or

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